2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Review

hyundai santa feOkay so today I’m gonna be doing the 2000 I sent a fait Hyundai Santa Fe ideas conversion. Destructive goals are. It’s a living being. As you can see. Toby using a Page 11 kit. Put the little modification. So as you see here. There’s. But they got the headlight Long. We live clothing conclude this hear Hyundai Santa fe headlights. That would conclude that. How do you have anything that picture. Well I had to do Did you get that each of them. He had been looking do little customization. As The ball would be. The fact is what would be sitting. Didn’t this Plug But I had a ticket out slot could. While you’re up the. He said he’s. So this is just a plugin click it. Sorry for the shaking in pencil. When the figure that so.

I Where did was suddenly turned off from doing. And I just plug it in the. Ground is that inside. The black. Put that in quotes color coordinate. This water. For the black one. There’s the ground which is on the. The inside ones keep doing things like powers on the outside. So I just. Plug in the bowl. Because I felt that I got her. Click this button. His whole heart doing it with no 5 part of the Things seemed. Little They were clueless here. If you don’t. Then. This has the descargar which I have here. You would have to drill. The London that the brother of one inch hole in the middle so that. This lawyer here.

Go through. So it would be like. And then this program that will be. Pretty much feeling that so you think this. Power plug. Meaning putting it in here. Like so You can make your own little bit bigger. But unlike the one thing. For further. Try to get in there. Can you on hold. That So the wires to be you know you run. Some of these other cables. Paul waters. Through the as well. Then these lawyers goes through the valley. Gulag upon that saying this is the reverse your that couldn’t upon the devolves Florida’s. Grand the waters to make sure that in the neck tutors. Hostelling. Criminal. Cool the water cooler. It’s creek. And when. The result. So they will look like. Call me I’m gonna go ahead and connect to solve together. Well you can see. I took up the headlight Mickey easier this site I haven’t done. So I will have another video. Of it put the finished product. So stay tuned.