How to test car fuel pump motor

Hello and welcome how are you doing. Next I like to so you would that help to this that is this my cars or pick up trucks. At this fuel pump. Working or not and here I have a very high quality for the fuel pump and this come from Toyota took the car. And I have now I’ll take these might for a bomb away and this full of bumps locusts and is in here noticed this. For a bomb post and fairest that kind of. Clamps with weekend open you’re seeing. Of dunks in that way. And then bacon installed that in fact nearest dentist my. Well fuel pump and there was full so this cable and this is easy to test because there’s only 2 cables into plus and minus and thinner than the log ins that. Pompous those miners. Symbol in here into place and the others blouse.

car fuel pump motorLast comment in here and then we need. Also this car sputtering. There we have this car about 3. They got this that are. Our world bombed. And then if we need also gables. Red is for plus. And Black is for all minors. And then a big gold at this that. So that’s I need to take this my walbro fuel pump. Any kind of cable is okay of become a chronic illness to toast let. Thoughts in here. This court but about Stepan. And then the stuff on a limited carefully is that are. Cable dentists corpora wrath in inside. I is that left in fuel pump. That insight into place and then this. Minus cable in. That way and then a week goes to. Is the stuff in my costs but.

Okay and here we have this car but 3 and up read one. Plus cable and I opened the book where. And those minds capable. The Then I can’t spell. It’s my fault bomb in here. The closest Senate. The play. And then this red barnacles in this. This walbro. Plus a rare and minus into. And now when I insert these things in here. It’s normal. That I need to press these 2 things and then this model is thought to rock. How it works. We can hear the sound. How profound means. Yeah if. That. Everything is okay and then. Quote to remember that then these are up 12. For. Bumps that they need this. Well in inside now Gussow line. Dave works but in that way. This is a quote fuel pump works well.