Mazda 6 security system.

Mazda 6 is on the highest level of safety – this car has successfully passed numerous crash tests. In particular, this model received the highest rating (5 stars) on the results of an authoritative test Euro NCAP.

A list of installed systems is impressive:

  • anti-lock brakes,
  • Emergency Brake Assist,
  • brake-force distribution,
  • dynamic stabilization,
  • road-holding ability,
  • xenon adaptive lighting (dipped beam).

Mazda 6 security systemThe lighting system is innovative. Thanks to special reflectors it is able to cover not only the straight sections of the road, but also twists. This effect is achieved due to the deflection of light rays by fifteen degrees.

If suddenly the driver of “Six” will need to brake sharply, road users following the car, will be notified: ESS system instantly turn on warning lights as soon as the information about the speed decrease will be received.
Cars Mazda 6 equipped with a manual transmission, received an additional assistant at the start of the hill (HHA). The drivers appreciate Smart Turn option: it allows you to apply a special triple-light signal.